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Me opening my work studio door to welcome you.

Somatic Relational
Therapist/Touch Practitioner
Mindful Relational Leadership Coach

  • Express your authentic self

  • Heal relational patterns through conversation and body/touch dialogue 

  • Learn to self/co-regulate anxiety & stress​

Create agency for the relationships, work and life you deserve

Initial discovery conversation

20 min


Helping Hands

Hi, I'm Rachael

Certified Relational Gestalt Therapist (MGest) (PACFA), Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP), NeuroAffective Touch Practitioner (NA Touch Cert.), Professionally Certified Coach (PCC), group facilitator & conversationalist

A warm welcome to you. Thanks for dropping by.


  • Are you yearning to live fully as your authentic and confident self?

  • Do you long to feel connected and able to thrive in relationships?

  • Would you like an understanding and embodied practice on how to reduce your personal experience of anxiety and stress?

  • Are you curious on how to resolve trauma by working with body and mind together?

Knowing and feeling that all parts of ourself are acknowledged, seen, heard and understood in conversation is extraordinary; including our sad, angry, lost, lonely, frustrated, numb, overwhelmed, stressed, anxious and achy unknown parts.

I meet you where you are, in your particular situation and experience to restore health, wellbeing and a direction forward. My unique pyscho-biological integrative and touch skills provide a comprehensive holistic approach to support your needs now and into the future.

Let's have a conversation and connect...

Lotus flower opening in a pond

“The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be"

"Rachael's empathetic and astute recognitions and guidance have allowed me not only a fuller understanding of how to be in the world but also the ability to listen to what my body tells me about who I am."

- Steven

“Under Rachael's expert guidance, I was able to access feelings and experiences that would otherwise be difficult to connect to using more traditional 'talk' therapies."

- Dawn

“I am deeply grateful for Rachael's invaluable contributions to my journey and wholeheartedly recommend her as a coach to anyone seeking transformative personal and professional development.”

- Cassandra

Work with me

Somatic/ANS based therapy and touch 

Mindful relational leadership coaching

Group/team workshops

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Let's have a conversation

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