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Therapist/Touch Practitioner | Coach | Facilitator
Somatic Relational Therapist/Touch Practitioner

Therapeutic work enables a deep exploration into your experience to move stuck relational patterning and release physiological nervous energy. There can be grief, loss and trauma underneath feelings of overwhelm, anxiety and stress. Through a direct dialogue with all our different parts we can be seen and heard as our true selves and move safely into more life fulfilling ways.  

I bring the following modalities to my work:

  • Gestalt therapy is an experiential way of working in the present moment to restore our vitality and relational ease. 

  • Somatic Experiencing (SE) is a naturalistic form of healing that will help you learn how to settle and release physiological activation from your body. Very often this process helps people to reduce stress and return to a sense of regulation and mastery in their lives.

  • Neuro-Affective Touch is a polyvagal-informed somatic approach that builds a vital bridge between our verbal and nonverbal selves in order to address the key elements of early emotional trauma, and repair attachment and developmental deficits.

  • The Enneagram is not a model of therapy itself, but can be used to identify your type of false/unconscious self, understand the nature of your personality defense and experience who you are and what you really want in its place.

Me working with a client
Sunset Buddha Statue

Mindful Relational Leadership Coach

Mindful relational leadership coaching brings inner awareness to your core operating principles and deep seated beliefs, and transformational outer change to everything you do. Working at a mind-body level will enable fundamental shifts in your capacity to change your deep ingrained patterns of behaviour in your work and life, and open you to the realisation of who you essentially and authentically are.

The change happens live in the coaching room, so further sustained change and integration can occur beyond the session. 

To effect change, multiple levels of intelligence are enacted:

  • Mind/body/heart/soul

  • Emotional

  • Relational

  • Physiological/ANS

  • Purpose/spiritual wisdom - The Enneagram

Group/team workshops

Fully customised mindful leadership programs for teams and broader groups in organisations are available in addition to workshops offered below. 

The Enneagram model of personality  provides a pathway to greater self-awareness and social skilfulness that lasts. Completely aligned with the latest research in neuroscience/biology and cognitive psychology, it is a growth tool and roadmap to help understand self and others. More importantly, it brings awareness of our personality type patterns and how they can potentially awaken us to our inner truth beyond our personality structure (Part training or customised).


The Emotional Culture Deck is a beautifully simple card game toolkit that helps teams redesign their workplace experience and culture. Organisations and leaders use the Emotional Culture Deck to create structured face-to-face conversations that build empathy, connection, and trust, leading to measurably better engagement and performance. Used by 100,000 leaders in over 40 countries and backed by Harvard research it really is the #1 game in the world for better workplace culture.

Trauma-informed group work is a whole-of-system safety and connection methodology and practice that recognises people using and working in services may have experienced trauma. Customised frameworks and principles are designed to support a shared language and understanding about stress and trauma, and practical training is provided to illustrate how trauma-informed practice can be embedded at service, team and system levels. Safety, connection and holistic wellbeing underpin every program, practice and interaction.

A group of multi-coloured hands supporting each hand
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