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About Rachael

Therapist/Touch Practitioner | Coach | Facilitator

Hi and welcome, 

I'm a mind-body explorer of all things that support living a simple, true and connected life...including our beautiful and sometimes challenging journey to this place.  Being deeply interested in relational dynamics and the power of connected authentic conversation, it is my privilege to support other humans to heal, shine and relax to just be. I bring extensive lived-experience and reflection to this journey and consciously practice what I have learnt along the way.

I believe there is no one approach or solution that meets each of our needs. We are highly evolved intelligent beings who essentially know ourselves, what we want and our true needs. By being met, seen and listened to we restore and celebrate our vital selves on this life path.

Based in the beautiful and eclectic Byron Bay hinterland of Australia, I work locally in person from Mullumbimby and via Facetime/Zoom/Teams for broader Australia and international clients.

I look forward to hearing from you!

A photo of me smiling in the sunshine
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