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My Difference

Brave conversations accessing our mental spaciousness, open heart and inner strength

As a coaching and therapeutic specialist in high-level integrated development I have the privilege of working with clients as whole human beings. This holistic perspective provides both the challenge and the opportunity to pay attention to what entry points, perspectives, ways and strategies will most advance the client to the realisation of desired outcomes and greater fulfilment.

I support individuals to:

  • Ground and center themselves, giving conscious attention to their body's wisdom and natural ability to become present.

  • Experience truthfulness, open-heartedness and love without conditions.

  • Quiet the mind to experience more clarity and spaciousness, and less attachment to outcomes.

As with any approach to change and transformation, no technique is guaranteed to be sustainable.

What I have discovered along the way towards embodied change, is that the following critical factors influence long-term results:

  1.  Continual direct experience in the present moment;

  2. Accessing multiple entry points/sources of intelligence;

  3. A dedicated practice of self reflection/mindfulness/consciousness;

  4. Acceptance of all aspect of self.

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